Elite Travel is proud to introduce the galleon ship Tirena
– guiding you through the rich history of Dubrovnik.

From its anchoring in the old harbor of Dubrovnik, Tirena galleon sails for whole day, half day and evening cruises, where consorting with sailors, “pirates” and “stowaway passengers” are among the top attractions.

Aboard Tirena, we arrange concerts, acrobatic amusements, carnival entertainments, fireworks and sword-play lessons.

The evening sailings, around Dubrovnik city walls, are amazing and unforgettable with the use of  Son Et Lumiere – Light and Sound.


Length: 30,57 m.
Width: 7,44 m
Draft: 2,30 m.
Number of masts: 3
Number of sails: 5
Engines: Iveco 240 hp x 2
Speed: 9 nm
Auxiliary engine: 16 kw
Number of Crew: 7
Capacity: 204 passengers